Post image for Maggie + Patrick {Engagement Sesh}

Maggie + Patrick {Engagement Sesh}

by kentucky on December 17, 2014

Churchill downs, UL Baseball and a brides own horse??? Can you say “UH-MAZ-ING” ???  Going through loads of engagement stories and photos, one starts to weed out the winners and this my friends, is a home run. Not to mention I’m writing this post from where a James Bond movie was filmed… You’ll get it […]


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Kent + Kacie { Leah Robbins Photography }

by kentucky on December 15, 2014

Leah Robbins is one of our favorite photographers around and it’s not very hard to see why.  Her photos scream happiness and are always full of love and laughter.  These engagement shots were especially fun since the couple brought along their little pup! ( i’m a total sucker for dogs…)  Hope these start off your […]


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Stacy + Greg {Hermitage Farm}

by kentucky on December 11, 2014

Even though our FAB PV, Angela Anderson, is now specializing in boudoir photography, she still sneaks in a few weddings if you’re extra special.  Stacy + Greg got married at the beyond gorg Hermitage Farm and had a wedding that was absolutely perfect.  With engagement season in full swing, make sure to keep these two […]


The FABULOUS Marie from Nashville Marriage Prep School sent over this story and we HAD to share.  Hopefully this will save some of your besites in the near future! Marie: On May 17, 2008 I made one of the biggest mistakes of my life. A mistake that still makes me cringe when I think about […]


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What are YOU thankful for? {PV Love}

by kentucky on November 24, 2014

HAPPY THANKSGIVING WEEK!!!!!!!!!  Since K and I are both getting out of town for this gobbleworthy week, we thought this Scott Hayes video was a perfect way to not only kick start the week, but keep you smiling as you think about what YOU are thankful for.  Another one of our PVs, Melanie Mauer, always […]


Post image for Ashleigh + Stephen {Keeneand Engagement Sesh}

Ashleigh + Stephen {Keeneand Engagement Sesh}

by kentucky on November 21, 2014

Perfect end to a perfect {but oh so chilly} week!!!!!  These photos from Payne Photography Studio are sooooo gorg we couldn’t wait to share them with you.  Stay tuned for future photos of their wedding.. a few of our fab PV’s are already signed on to make it the perfect day. Ashleigh:  We met in […]


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Thanksgivingchristmaschanukkah- what?!?

by kentucky on November 19, 2014

Not sure if I live in the twlight zone, but has Thanksgiving already happened? Everywhere I go, all I see are Christmas decorations!!! I went looking for something turkey like to put on my table and the store clerk looked at me like I had five heads… I see Christmas trees in people windows, Christmas […]


Post image for It's FRIDAY!!!!!!! {movie time}

It's FRIDAY!!!!!!! {movie time}

by kentucky on November 14, 2014

It’s Friday!!!! Since there is no way you are actually working.. and if you are working, it’s on finalizing your seating chart or browsing our past posts for wedding inspiration, we thought we’d give you a sweet treat and send over a Scott Hayes Feature Film to enjoy.  Have a fabulous weekend! – Kristen + […]


Post image for Kaitlin + James {Crist Creona Designs}

Kaitlin + James {Crist Creona Designs}

by kentucky on November 12, 2014

When our fabulous PV, Crist Creona, mentioned that he had a wedding for us, we knew it would be a floral stunner. What he failed to mention was how good looking everyone was, including the total Channing Tatum look a like groom.  If you are looking for a wedding florist who has perfected the art […]


Post image for Jessica + Josh { JMM Photography }

Jessica + Josh { JMM Photography }

by kentucky on November 10, 2014

Simply stunning is the first thing that came to mind when I saw this wedding from JMM Photography.  Not only is the bride absolutely beautiful, but that church? WHHAAA? Insane.  This is one of those weddings where the details are so special and so unique, it just makes you smile.  A camo wedding band??? Come […]